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Tafika Features

Scan and Pay

Fast and easy payments or transactions with the simple click of a button. Cardless transactions driven by the power of QR codes that eliminate the need to enter account information when performing a transaction.

Request Money

Approved beneficiaries are given a platform to reach out and request assistance when a financial need arises. Your family and friends can reach out for assistance. A notification is sent and you are able to approve and decline the request in seconds.

OMNI Channel Banking

Banking needs addressed seamlessly, quickly and securely over any channel, be it personal computers, mobile phones, PABS bank branches, or banking agents. The service is available on all mobile networks in Zambia (Airtel, MTN and Zamtel)

Spend Analysis

Keep track of your money, day or night. Easily review your personal and business financial transactions, generate spending reports, view your daily, weekly and monthly financial data.

Anytime Banking

Tafika service gives you access to your account direct from your mobile phone, safely and easily 24 hours a day, every day. You have the freedom to access banking services at any given time.

Anywhere Banking

Tafika services can now be accessed from any location in Zambia and the world. All that is needed is a data or internet link for your mobile device.

Tafika is a Digital Banking product from Pan African Building Society (PABS), Zambia. PABS is on the forefront for the provision of better, more innovative and reliable financial services to more Zambians, everywhere and anytime. Delivering innovative services to accelerate financial inclusion and more efficiently service to our customers is one of our core strategies. Through our flagship product, Tafika we will be able to offer a suite of digital and mobile payment solutions for the everyday payments needs of our expanding customer base in Zambia and beyond.

Tafika provides account holders the ability to manage banking needs seamlessly, quickly and securely over any channel, be it personal computers, mobile phones, PABS bank branches, or banking agents, and can be funded from many sources (including bank accounts or payment cards).

Keep it simple with Tafika

One app for all your payments.

From utility bills, mobile & DSTV recharge, sending & requesting money, to paying your insurance premium. You can do all this and more on the Tafika app.

Your bank account is all you need.

Just open a free Tafika account through your nearest Tafika Agent or PABS Branch and make hassle-free, secure payments directly from your bank account 24/7.

Person-to-Person Payments

Quickly and securely transfer money to anyone at any time using just their mobile phone number. The advanced QR technology makes this a seamless transaction to complete in seconds.

Tafika Trust

Your money is yours! All refunds come with 'no question asked' guarantee. We provide 100% assurance. If you have any issue, our Client Relationship Managers are there to help you!

Why use Tafika?

It's convenient

  • Know how much money you have in your accounts (balance enquiry)
  • Find out what's happening on your accounts (mini-statement)
  • Move money between accounts (inter-account transfers)
  • Make payments (beneficiary payments).
  • Pay for goods and services with partnering shops, merchants and restaurants (Scan and Pay QR code)

Ease of use

  • Using Tafika is very easy and simple because the design and flows were designed with the user experience our core focus.

No more delays

  • Transactions are done in real time with instant delivery of services procured and transfers.

Advanced security

  • Tafika runs on the highest level of security with advanced programs that ensure the integrity of the data and the platform. Tafika is password protected and does not allow un-authorized access. If someone tries to retrieve your password they will need to provide additional account information which should be unknown to them.
  • Furthermore, a one-time PIN (OTP) must be inputted in order to add recipients and make once-off payments. Your daily withdrawal limits on specific transaction types also help minimise risk, should your password be compromised.

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